Enable a New Generation of Knowledge Transfer for the Workforce

Support instructor-led training, self-directed learning, and online performance support for SAP and non-SAP systems.

SAP® Enable Now offers advanced performance support and training capabilities to help you improve productivity, user adoption, and end-user experience.

You can easily create, maintain, and deliver performance support, learning material, and documentation content.

With just a few keystrokes, you can add video, animations, or fully interactive software simulations.



Create and Distribute Learning Content more Efficiently

SAP® Enable Now makes content production easy by supporting a methodology that is based on the following pillars:

Single-source – From the initial recording of a transaction, you can automatically produce a range of output formats including performance support, documentation, software tutorials, presentation modes, and test scripts.

Template-based creation – Each setting you use can be templated – whether it's one setting that simply formats the numbering in user documentation or a generic template for creating standardized e-learning. 

Multimodal content – SAP® Enable Now lets you repackage and republish content in different formats for reuse in different learning scenarios.

Increase the Productivity of your Workforce

Reduce the Learning Curve

Provide critical information and process guidance directly within the application. SAP® Enable Now is an effective tool for reducing learning curves associated with software changes.

Automatic Discovery of Content

Users can master new or changed processes because instructions, advisory messages, or suggested support assets appear automatically.

In-context Support

SAP® Enable Now detects the context in which the user is working and delivers relevant materials. Users get the proactive support they need to finish their tasks quickly and efficiently.

What SAP® Enable Now can do for you

SAP Standard Content

A large amount of high-quality standard micro learning content.

Fast Solution Adoption

Fast onboarding and continuous end-user enablement.


End users learn when and where knowledge is needed.


Easily edit, enhance, and add to the standard content or add custom content.

What we can do for you

Content Strategy

We'll ensure that your content is engaging. We'll design, develop, and deliver the overall system learning framework (structure, content, and consistency of experience).

Content Creation

Our writers will pair-up with your subject matter experts, and they will outline and create your custom content while our editors
review it for structure, tone, and consistency in message.

Content Conversion

We will work with your team to translate existing learning content into SAP® Enable Now.


We'll update and maintain interactive simulations and tests, user documentation, context-sensitive help, and on-the-job support materials on an ongoing basis.

Deliver 'anytime' end user support for SAP® products.