Custom Learning
Is workforce competency and enterprise performance concern for you? We work closely with you to offer custom educational solutions that are ideal for your business environment.
Salesforce® myTrailhead
Build customized employee content for sales enablement, best practices for customer service agents, onboarding for new hires, and much more. Let's make learning fun with the world’s leading learning experience platform.
SAP® Enable Now
SAP® Enable Now helps companies manage all aspects of modern corporate learning such as rollout and performance support, change management, compliance, and soft skills training. In addition, it delivers next-generation, in-application user assistance to support users in the moment of need.
Technology Adoption
Want to introduce new technology or continuous improvement initiatives smoothly and effectively? We follow a structured approach for dealing with the organizational and human aspects of technology transitions.
Change Management
Change is an inevitable part of any organization and people are the most critical component of any change initiative. We work together with your business and its employees to address the human side of change initiatives.

Organisations who have a successful Learning Culture are…


More likely to be first to market


Greater employee productivity


Better response to customer needs


Skills to meet future demand


Our Instructional Design Process

Did you ever uncover new information or unexpected changes at the last minute that caused a change in your course rollout plans? Not a problem,we got you covered because we use agile. Agile can eliminate rework, increase collaboration, and reduce expenses.
1. Gather Information
eLearning course developers and relevant stakeholders, including learners, meet and discuss the aims and objectives of the eLearning project. Participants are invited to collaborate, share ideas, and identify any problems they’re experiencing with existing course content. These meetings are known as “scrums”.
2. Create Backlog
The entire course is broken down into chunks or features, with all scrum participants agreeing on what each chunk should look like and achieve. Each chunk of the course content will be developed individually, one at a time.
3. Develop
The agreed-upon a chunk of content is developed in what is called a “sprint”. Once the chunk is developed, it’s tested and evaluated by all stakeholders. Any issues raised are addressed and rectified quickly. There may be many sprints for each course chunk until it is deemed ready to use.
4. Demo & Start the next sprint
If all stakeholders are satisfied with the chunk in question, the team moves on to developing the next chunk of the course. These iterations, or sprints, continue until the eLearning project is completed in full.