Mobile Learning Solutions

Mobile devices are changing corporate learning with bite-sized lessons, just-in-time training, videos, and games. Offering employees training through mobile devices can provide benefits for employees by giving them the flexibility of pursuing training anywhere and anytime, convenience and the continued development of knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Increased Mobility of the Workforce
We understand that the purpose of m-learning should be to drive business results and not simply reduce the costs of training. You may have chosen m-learning over traditional learning for the same reasons you selected e-learning; increased mobility of the workforce, greater acceptance of web-based training, the potential for cost savings, and better system operations of networks.
Mobile Learning is on the Rise
In a study of 40 large companies in various industries conducted in the fourth quarter of 2011, Boston-based Aberdeen Group found that mobile devices were used by 55 percent of those companies for internal online communities or forums, by 48 percent for informal learning activities and development, and by 42 percent for formal learning and development. Mobile devices represent a “strategic part of the formal learning plan,” and we are experts in pedagogical, technological, interface design, evaluation, management, resource support, ethical, and institutional aspects of mobile learning.
Mobile Learning with SCORM Compliance
Mobile learning designs which comply with SCROM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is very popular. Our mobile learning developers have sound knowledge in designing fluid learning modules which are compatible with all major mobile platforms.
HTML5 Based Elearning Content
The future of web programming is moving towards a common, cross-platform language with HTML5. A survey by Evans Data of 1,200 developers showed 75% are using HTML5 for app development. Furthermore, HTML5 was 20% higher on average than Microsoft’s Silverlight or Adobe’s Flash in importance to the development cycle. HTML5 has made it possible to create platform-independent dynamic Mlearning content. At Monitor Learning, our developers create interactive courses, quizzes, and videos using HTML5 for any mobile device such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android browsers—without relying on the use of Adobe Flash software. If you are looking for a Mlearning solution which simplifies training contact us now.